*Limited Edition* BANANA NUT BREAD Baking Mix (Whey)

*Limited Edition* BANANA NUT BREAD Baking Mix (Whey)

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Create your own freshly made Stuffum baking items like Waffles, Pancakes and Muffins right at home! Our Limited Edition Banana Nut Bread Baking Mix has real organic dried bananas, organic spices & organic pecans.


Servings per container: approx. 4
(5 mini waffles or 1 large waffle, 3 pancakes)
*Instructions for mix listed on bag as well!*

Instructions: Use ½ cup of dry mix, Mix ½-3/4 cup chosen liquid (i.e. almond milk, coconut milk, water etc.), 2 tbsp. organic maple syrup (or natural sweetener-agave)-stir and pour into Mini waffle maker to make at least 5 waffles or one large skillet/waffle maker or 3 small pancakes.

              Approx Nutritional Facts per Grassfed Whey Protein:



Whey options: Do contain milk, soy and almonds

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