Local Ordering/Bulk Order Information


**LOCAL PICK-UP: You can call us at 833-STUFFUM to place your order over the phone or email us at customersupport@stuffumnaturals.com and we will set up the order for you in our system in which the invoice will be sent to you to pay. Once the order is paid for, it will be updated in our system and the order will be available for pick-up within 24 hours. All pick up orders need to be made 24 hours in advance before they can be picked up at our Naples, Florida location. You will be notified when the order will be available for pick-up. 

Bulk Orders: 

All orders that consist of $100+ are considered a BULK order and have an extended period of time before they are processed and shipped. 
ONLINE: The average processing/shipping time will be between 7-10 business days as we make all of our products FRESH for all orders and want to make sure that each order has those FRESH items made within 24 hours of shipping.