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This Summer in Stuffum Land

As I sit here, it is almost 9 pm. on a Tuesday and it already feels like I have lived this day twice. That is what this summer at Stuffum Land has been like-nonstop craziness and my team and I covered in cocoa owner, cookie crumbs, brownie pieces, sweat and lots of smiles. I have gone through many employees as the hiring process has been tough-finding the right people to fit into my family and as a member of my company has been difficult. I have high standards and want to make sure that they love and respect what I have created as much as I love and respect all of our customers.  I am so beyond grateful to still...

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This week in Stuffum Land...

This week has been an amazing week for our brand and I have spent countless hours working with my team to keep enough items restocked as we move into shipping out our new releases next week. We have sold a record breaking amount of items this week and because of that, I will be continuing to work on growing my team and finding the right people to work by my side. So I want to thank all of you who have shopped this week and continue to support my brand. I hope you all see how hard I have been working to grow this brand authentically and organically-it is because of you all that we are still here. As we...

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HAPPY NEW YEAR! Bringing in a NEW Stuffum Facility!

Hello my Stuffum Family! I am so happy to announce that to start the New Year, we purchased our own building so we can continue to grow and continue to offer FRESHLY made items that are packaged, labeled and shipped worldwide. This is a HUGE move for us and we are so excited. I am so excited. thrilled and so grateful to all of you who support what we do here. So thank you to everyone who follows our journey, supports our brand and keeps coming back for more! XOXO, Ashley

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