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 I cannot believe it has already been 9+ months since I shared a blog-LIFE REALLY HAPPENED.


This year has truly been a whirlwind. Along with the many changes we are going through, the world seems to have become a place of even more uncertainty and with that perspective-we have chosen to change the way we operate and function to not only aid in our growth but to help us during times that so much is unknown.

The past 6 months this brand has seen such extreme growth that it not only took us by surprise (seriously) but it presented a whole new perspective on how this business needs to operate in order to run smoother and get FRESH products to our customers faster. As we grew, obviously that meant more sales (which is what any company needs to grow, expand then facilitate more growth), increased production volume, more customers and honestly even more problems, setbacks, obstacles, wins and losses. Like any company we go through highs and lows and in order for any company to continue to grow and improve we have taken the feedback from our customers from the past year and have a whole new system in place.

We now will have a selection of our products available a couple times a week that have all been freshly made and prepped to ship within 1-2 business days after orders are placed. We also have reduced our selection for vegan items due to the very small percentage of vegan customers we have on a regular basis. Truth be told, that was one of the harder decisions I had to make as we truly love and appreciate all of our customers but need to focus on the company as a whole and what will help us improve the overall shopping experience for our customers and aid in company growth.

So, as we release items weekly, which will not be on a set schedule-once items sell out, they will not be available and our website will either close down until the next restock. Now, the place to be is our App-which is have set up to remain open whether we are stocked with product or not so you once we have fresh stock, you will be notified first in our App as items will be available first on our App and then our website. We will also run App Exclusives and launches that will only be accessible on our App.


I know that this is a change, like a really BIG change but honestly-the fact that we are all less stressed, more motivated and feel more joy in just the process, means that the spirit of Stuffum is stronger and refreshed. I hope you all can appreciate that and come along for the ride with us as we have so many amazing things planned and in store for you all.


Thank you…all of you who choose to support us and allow us to grow and make the necessary changes that we need to in order for us to succeed and continue to serve you all.


All my best, 


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