This Summer in Stuffum Land

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As I sit here, it is almost 9 pm. on a Tuesday and it already feels like I have lived this day twice. That is what this summer at Stuffum Land has been like-nonstop craziness and my team and I covered in cocoa owner, cookie crumbs, brownie pieces, sweat and lots of smiles. I have gone through many employees as the hiring process has been tough-finding the right people to fit into my family and as a member of my company has been difficult. I have high standards and want to make sure that they love and respect what I have created as much as I love and respect all of our customers. 
I am so beyond grateful to still be here, be around, growing and looking to open our doors to the public for pick-up orders and to have folks come around to visit our facility and grab some fresh products. For those of you who have been around for a while and have supported this brand, I thank you for that support, trust and excitement over this brand I have been working so hard to build. This hasn't been easy and there have been hours I wanted to quit because I feel the pressure of not wanting to let anyone down and at times, have no idea what I am doing. The truth is, none of us know what to do 100% of the time so it is because of my faith and knowing that second chances do not come often that I have refused to give up. I refuse to let the doubt, negativity, bad intentions, set backs from others or circumstances keep me from doing what I feel can benefit, help and hopefully bless others as I have felt blessed.  
This summer we are adapting to a lot of new changes and adjustments so I can scale the business to handle even more orders than we are now and handle the dozens of BULK orders we receive every week. New products, new options and new things will be coming over the next few months so I hope you all are excited as I move us into making new content as well. We are launching our IG TV this week and I may use my Youtube channel as well in the near future to share more of our story, behind the scenes footage and get in touch with more of you about starting a business, tips and even advice.
I hope you all have had a wonderful summer and are working towards your goals, your dreams and are working through any hard times you may face, because we all face them. I hope you continue to give yourself the chance to grow, become stronger and do not let the doubts of others deter you from fulfilling your purpose. Thank you again for your support, love, messages, comments and encouragement-I appreciate it all so much. 

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