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Stuffum 2 Year Anniversary!

Wow, I cannot believe our 2 year Anniversary is already here. Can I be honest for a sec?  There were times I was not sure we would make it this far; to you guys, 2 years may seem like nothing, but to me-it has felt like a decade. Living, breathing and believing in this business has taken up most of my headspace, time and energy. Thank the Lord for my amazingly supportive husband, family and close friends who have stuck by side, have continued to encourage me and gave me a shoulder to cry on when things have been hard or I needed to talk to about ideas, plans and the future. Business is not easy but I think that...

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Heading into 2020

Heading into 2020….   Wow, I cannot believe how long it has taken to get here and yet how quickly it came to an end. To say that 2019 was a year of a lot of growth, change, improvement and insight would lead you to believe that there were no set-backs, no moments of doubt, zero negativity or loss. I am not here to say that. This year was full of ups and downs, moments where I wanted to just throw in the towel and hide away because of how hard it is to do this; the hours it takes to just grow an inch and the amount of time that must be invested to build a customer base that...

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Fall 2019 Product Launch- How it all comes together...

Oh where do I begin… This month we launched 2 NEW flavors of some of our most popular items (Protein Cookies & Protein Brownies) as we have received loads of requests for seasonal flavors over the past few months. I got to working on these over the summer and was met with an overload of thoughts, ideas, feelings and knew I wanted to create flavors that had a nostalgic feel & flavor to them while also being something that our customers would not be sick and tired of seeing (since there are a plethora of items on the market). So I thought about what I would want to see from a company and maybe what you all NEED to see...

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This Summer in Stuffum Land

As I sit here, it is almost 9 pm. on a Tuesday and it already feels like I have lived this day twice. That is what this summer at Stuffum Land has been like-nonstop craziness and my team and I covered in cocoa owner, cookie crumbs, brownie pieces, sweat and lots of smiles. I have gone through many employees as the hiring process has been tough-finding the right people to fit into my family and as a member of my company has been difficult. I have high standards and want to make sure that they love and respect what I have created as much as I love and respect all of our customers.  I am so beyond grateful to still...

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HAPPY NEW YEAR! Bringing in a NEW Stuffum Facility!

Hello my Stuffum Family! I am so happy to announce that to start the New Year, we purchased our own building so we can continue to grow and continue to offer FRESHLY made items that are packaged, labeled and shipped worldwide. This is a HUGE move for us and we are so excited. I am so excited. thrilled and so grateful to all of you who support what we do here. So thank you to everyone who follows our journey, supports our brand and keeps coming back for more! XOXO, Ashley

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