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Hey Everyone!
Wow, it has been an amazing 6 weeks here and I am honestly just astounded. For any of you who choose to read these little posts, you know that this relaunch has been a HUGE success and I am so grateful, God is so good and I feel so blessed and honored to have you all as a part of this journey. In the past 6 weeks, our business has more than doubled and we are looking into growing our fulfillment team so we can keep processing and shipping quick but due to our unexpected growth, we have been working long hours to make sure we can take care of you guys!
We have moved into a local retail spot here in SW Florida we have been selling out of our Protein Cookies which is amazing and I am so grateful. We are still focusing on growing our online presence as I want to grow authentically with you all and not worry about stretching ourselves too thin as we work through high volume orders every week so our online orders have been our priority.
We have had hundreds of new customers and so many of you have already reordered and have left such kind reviews so thank you! Our Protein Cookies have become our Best Selling item along with out Protein Truffles. We also released a NEW Protein Cookie Flavor, Snickerdoodle which has already become a hit with our customers so I cannot wait for you all to get your hands on them!


I want to express my true appreciation and love for you all who have come to believe in us and in me on this journey. I relaunched this company because it was the one thing in my life I just could not move on from and knew that I had unfinished business-so this is my second chance. I hope and pray that all of you who have dreams you are working towards, that you do not give up and keep moving forward even when times get tough (because they will), and keep believing in yourself when doubts come (because they always do-life happens), and that you just keep fighting for your dreams (because no one else will for you). I believe in working smart and working hard because I want to know that I gave it my all because if something does not work or fails, it is on me and no one else.

That is where my passion comes from when motivation starts to slow and being exhausted kicks in. Remembering your goals, going after your passions and possibly drink copious amounts of caffeine, working out and staying healthy...that is my advice...oh and be nice human ;)








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  • Hello Stuffum!
    This is awesome to see! I went to college in SW Florida (FGCU) And was planning to visit the area on 7/21…any way I am able to stop by your store and purchase cookies?! I am a health fanatic and would love to meet you and those making Stuffum thrive!

    Megan on

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