Stuffum in 2022: How we have Changed & our future Goals

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This year has been one for the books: working through a pandemic (which seems to have subsided a bit), inflation hikes, the increase in labor, gas, food and ingredients costs-I made a drastic change to this business and decided it was time to scale down operations to prepare for the economic changes that are affecting small businesses nation-wide. This was a decision I made in order to not only protect the integrity and longevity of this brand but to help my own mental health and ease some of the excess stress and anxiety I was experiencing for the past 4 years.

I am happy to say that these drastic changes have improved my overall mental, physical, spiritual and emotional health.


So, as many of you have seen since March, I chose to shut down for a few weeks and re-launched with very few products as I wanted to slowly re-introduce our products over time. Since then, we have brought back our Protein Baking Mixes, Super Frostings, Protein Cookies, Protein Brownies and most recently have brought back 8 of our most popular Protein Donut flavors which have truly become game-changers for us and really helped to put us on the map. I am so grateful.


As I have had the time to refocus, reflect and reestablish how I want this brand to grow, I have truly come to realize how truly blessed and fortunate we are to have such amazingly loyal customers who have been so patient and kind to me as the Owner and to my team who they interact with on a daily basis.


To be completely transparent, we have seen a 35+% drop in sales since exactly a year ago even with us still running social media ads, marketing emails, SMS notifications etc. This is unfortunately a real reality for thousands of other Small Businesses nationwide. We have not been immune to the trials, adversity, set-backs and increasing costs that come along with a down-turned economy because so many of us feel the pain. It is because of this that I choose to keep Stuffum the size that it is and am working slowly to grow at a pace we can handle.


My goal for Stuffum has always been to have it become a “house-hold brand” and I think on some level, I have accomplished that for so many of our customers over the years. We are not mass produced at this time by an outside manufacturing company but that is something I am looking into for the future, if we are able to find a company that meets our high-quality standards.

I am the sole owner and investor of this brand and am incredibly proud of the products I have created with you all in mind. It is because of God that I am still here and continue to keep Stuffum alive and growing and it is truly because of our customers that I am motivated to do this, even when times get difficult, and it seems like there is no light at the end of this long tunnel.


So, thank you to everyone who has chosen to be here, support us or even give us a try. I will never be able to make 100% of our customers happy and that is a truth that all of us who are entrepreneurial and start businesses must accept and take with a grain of salt. We operate to make everyone else happy and continue to innovate and create truly unique products because I believe in what we do here.


With Love & Kindness,



Owner & Founder

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