Stuffum 2 Year Anniversary!

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Wow, I cannot believe our 2 year Anniversary is already here. Can I be honest for a sec? 
There were times I was not sure we would make it this far; to you guys, 2 years may seem like nothing, but to me-it has felt like a decade. Living, breathing and believing in this business has taken up most of my headspace, time and energy. Thank the Lord for my amazingly supportive husband, family and close friends who have stuck by side, have continued to encourage me and gave me a shoulder to cry on when things have been hard or I needed to talk to about ideas, plans and the future.
Business is not easy but I think that is what makes this milestone such a big deal to me and the Stuffum Team. For those who have been around for a while, I am sure you all have seen the many changes, adjustments and growth we have gone through-and from the outside, I hope it has looked like a smooth process lol. On the inside, BTS it has been a rough one. Every day presents new challenges, new wins, at times set-backs but I have come to thrive on those challenges and see them as new ways to grow, gain wisdom, build strength and more endurance for this journey. This is all a journey and it does not happen overnight, this is definitely a marathon, not a sprint.
I hope in the past 2 years this has become a place you can come to for encouragement (a lot of the real, BTS footage you will see on our social media accounts), authenticity, good products and maybe even some inspiration. I have worked hard to still be standing here and I would not be here today if it were not for God's grace, love and continuous effort to seek me in all of my high's and low's. When moving forward I always thank the Lord for where I am, where he has me going and then ask for the wisdom and strength to move forward in my dreams. I work to walk the path he has set for me because my story is different from your story-that is why it is so important not to compare yourself to others because your story and the life God created for you is unique, beautiful and when you continue to work through all of the hard times, they prepare you for the breakthroughs up ahead. 
Thank you for being here, for hanging out with us and with me on our Instagram, Facebook pages etc. It means a lot to me and has inspired me to keep going, when the hard times try to wear me out. Here is to another amazing year ahead!
With love & faith, 

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