Fall 2019 Product Launch- How it all comes together...

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Oh where do I begin…
This month we launched 2 NEW flavors of some of our most popular items (Protein Cookies & Protein Brownies) as we have received loads of requests for seasonal flavors over the past few months. I got to working on these over the summer and was met with an overload of thoughts, ideas, feelings and knew I wanted to create flavors that had a nostalgic feel & flavor to them while also being something that our customers would not be sick and tired of seeing (since there are a plethora of items on the market). So I thought about what I would want to see from a company and maybe what you all NEED to see from a company and came up with TONS of product ideas and flavors but landed on these two for the first part of our Fall 2019 launch.
Due to our Protein Cookies & Protein Brownies being such a hit with our customers I knew that we needed to extend our Blondie Brownies flavor and launched our Peanut Butter Blondie and White Chocolate Cappuccino Protein Cookie. THESE. ARE. TO. DIE. FOR. Yes, I am bias but as the creator and taste tester who then shares all of the crumbs and bits and pieces to my team & family-I had to launch these basically so I could just keep my own stash at home.
Once we announced these flavors, the feedback was already full of excitement and anticipation-my heart could soar from it all. I was already excited for you all to get these in your hands and just STUFF them in your mouths (is the visual there? Ok, Good), but since we have a strict “ONLY FRESHLY MADE” products policy-one which I came up with and at times wish I could stretch just so we could handle more volume at once, I knew it would be a bit of time before you all got them. The anticipation was killing me, my heart would skip a beat a little more every day, knowing they were on there way to so many customers and then finally…the reviews from local customers (which we were able to get some to try launch week) and online customers started coming in and I could finally breathe.
So basically, that is what happens during every launch we have had. I have to hold in little secrets about all of the things I am creating BTS but want to share so desperately, just to get you all so excited about us and what we are doing and let you all know how hard we work as a small team but…patience is a virtue and one I am still working on to this day…and every day.
I am so grateful to see so many of you continue to love on our products, continue to be a part of this family and feel like you can let us know what you want to see, taste and have in your pantry. That is what this is all about-creating truly tasty, balanced and guilt-free treats that you all feel comfortable enough to enjoy on the daily, with your kids, your friends, your family-your tribe.
I want to thank every single one of you who makes it possible for us to be here, doing what I love and enjoy. It isn’t easy, not one single bit but it is worth it and I hope that what I feel like God has given be the ability to create, has blessed you in some way or has been your day a little brighter.

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