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"When I started Stuffum and created our first products in 2014, I never thought our products, brand and image would have evolved so much to be what we are now. Many of you do not know that Stuffum started with me simply sharing my coconut protein balls (a product that turned into our Fit Spreads) to members at the gym I went to while I was working in corporate America (I started this as a side hustle).

▫️This business went from me relaunching the company in 2018 with 3 different products to now carrying 8 different products, each with multiple flavors and all available in Whey & Vegan options & shipping worldwide.

▫️It has taken countless hours of hard work (more than I could ever describe in any human language), dedication, consistency, perseverance, faith, prayer, moments of loss, failure, tears, wins, laughter, joy and overall clarity for me to be where I am now. If it were not for God's grace and mercy, family emotional support-I would have never been able to work through the trials and tribulations that owning a business would bring. I am so grateful and humbled to have Stuffum be where it is right now and where I am as the founder and owner of this company. 

▫️I started Stuffum because I wanted to make a difference by providing healthier and better quality snacks-I never thought the journey would change and make such a difference in me. I am not who I was when Stuffum first began. I am grateful for all of you who have given us a chance, who have allowed my products into your home, your dorm room, gym bag, office etc. I know we are a little a bit different and we share A LOT of what we do BTS, but I believe that is what the world needs-to be a part of the company's story that they are supporting and following every day-It is because of you that we are still here as growing so THANK YOU for being here, for shopping and for supporting this business."

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  • Loyal customer! The new birthday cake truffles are insane good! I ordered the whey ones and OMG I ate all five in one day! Thanks for creating this brand! I will always have these in my house!

    MaryRose Southers on

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