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I want you all to know how much I appreciate your support and love at this time of Stuffum's growth. We are going through "growing pains", which are a wonderful problem to have as I work on expanding our team for order fulfillment online and for our vendors.
No matter what you are doing in life, whether you are a stay at home mom or dad, fitness junkie, runner, athlete or work in an office all day, creating the life you imagined or have dreamt of is possible. Stuffum has been a long time dream of mine so to see it growing and to see how much you all have been enjoying my products tells me that it is possible to create something and it work.
So we create healthy snacks just for you because we believe that eating well should not make you feel like punishment or that you can no longer enjoy good food. I want you all to feel empowered to eat food that makes you feel good and fuels your body for what ever you need: busy days, long nights, workouts- what ever you need.  That is my be the premier private Fit Bakery that can provide amazing products that customers worldwide come to because they cannot find something quite like it any where else.
I believe that when you have a dream and something that overtakes your thoughts and even keeps you up at night because you are that excited to get up and do it again, or do it better-that it is something you need to do. Even on the days when things don't go perfect, do it. Even when your faith is as small as a mustard seed and the days are long, just keep going. Do not give up on yourself or your dream. 
My faith keeps me grounded and you all keep me going. Stuffum only can do as well as our customers want us to because you all drive me to keep going and to keep creating delicious healthy snacks that are truly unique. 


I hope you all know how special you are and that you all have unique gifts and a purpose. Thank you all for your kind emails, comments, messages and for your loyalty-it means the world to me.





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