Having Hope during a Crisis...

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‘I got the whole world in my hands’…that is how I feel holding one of our products in my hands, whether that be in the kitchen in production or the finished product as it is heading out to our customers. It is strange, the feelings I feel right now-during this time where we all find our world’s turned upside down, inside out and are experiencing so much uncertainty. I am not sure if I am being selfish or if I am allowed to feel grateful and excited for our future while at the same time, so many are feeling lost, lonely, scared and unsure of their future. I hope that my honesty can be taken for what it is…just hope for my future and this company’s as we continue to be here, remain open and work so dang hard to provide our customers with quality products.
The Coronavirus outbreak has changed the world, probably forever but I hope that means that people will be more kind, more open and more caring to one another as we are all experiencing this together. As the founder and owner of a small company, the fear you experience in this kind of situation is unexplainable-the unknown is a scary place to live in but for me, it has been a place I have been thriving in. I have refused to let this current situation, which I know is temporary-to defeat me, my dreams and my ability to be there for my customers. I am grateful for all of you who have stood by us, have shown such massive support and have let us be there for you. I created Stuffum because I wanted to just offer better products-better quality, better tasting, better ingredients and overall, an authentic experience.
I hope we have been that and have done that for you. I also hope you are not giving up on yourself, your dreams, your goals or your purpose. These are the kinds of moments that can define us and create a fortitude inside of us that no one and nothing can shake. Use this time to focus on the positive things in this world, the things you have-not the things you are lacking. I hope you take this time to walk in your dreams, not just think about them and that you walk in your destiny, making a way to give hope to others too.
My team and I are praying for you all and our world. We are so grateful to have you here, to have you be a part of the family and to have your support.
Xo, Ashley

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