Heading into 2020

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Heading into 2020….
Wow, I cannot believe how long it has taken to get here and yet how quickly it came to an end. To say that 2019 was a year of a lot of growth, change, improvement and insight would lead you to believe that there were no set-backs, no moments of doubt, zero negativity or loss. I am not here to say that. This year was full of ups and downs, moments where I wanted to just throw in the towel and hide away because of how hard it is to do this; the hours it takes to just grow an inch and the amount of time that must be invested to build a customer base that feels invested too and loves what you are doing here. You can read every entrepreneurial book, listen to every self-made millionaire podcast and think you are prepared for the road ahead of you but you won’t be. This is something you have to walk alone and learn in your own way because it is your own unique journey. That is the beautiful thing about entrepreneurship-it is really something that cannot be taught but something that has to be lived. 
In 2019 I experienced immense personal growth, loss, sadness, happiness, excitement, hope, faith and truthfully-it all came in waves, in moments where I felt inadequate as a business owner and felt just…human. I want you to know that this business has truly been built by a human and that my dreams, plans and goals for this business are scary, big and I hope-inspiring. There is no guarantee things will work out in life, you have to press on to your dreams when you have that vision in your mind (have the ability to see those few steps ahead) and I am so grateful God has brought me to a place where I can see a bit ahead and have hope. People say that you pay rent on your dreams every day and to that, I would say they are right. You have to be steadfast, create a mindset that can withstand those ups and downs and remain positive even in the tough times.
I would love to sit here, on Christmas Eve and into Christmas day and tell you that life is easy and that doing this has been a piece of cake but I’d be lying. I am so personally involved in our social media accounts, open and transparent about the business and just honest about how it all goes because I feel like there is such a lack of that on social media and in business in general that I wanted to be different. I did not just want to offer quality products and service but have that show across every aspect of the business, brand and brands to come. I am not saying it has made me the most popular, that it has somehow made this all come together or has shown up big time in our follower count (the ever- changing social media game). In fact, that is a place where it has been the most challenging-follower growth. Honestly, I am not just here for that. I am here to grow organically and to build trust, relationships and value-not just numbers. Maybe that is something I am not supposed to say or admit-the money can be great but the value I am working to build is greater.
We are heading into 2020 and I am honestly so excited. I am so grateful for you all who have chosen to be a part of this company, have supported our growth and have become like family to my family and I. I do all of this with you all in mind. I created all of these products and am creating future products under the belief that quality comes before mass-produced items that will not make a difference in your overall health and wellness. Even as we move forward into new things, I will continue to walk in faith knowing that God has given each of us a purpose to fulfill and that it is only through his grace and presence in my life that I have been able to come this far. Walking into a whole new decade, I am fully prepared for new growth, new opportunities and hope you will all come along with me.
I wish you all a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays & a happy and healthy New Year and thank you for your continued support and love. I am praying for you all and your life journey, that you have peace, health, are walking in your purpose and are following your dreams.

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