Company Upates: 3 Months into our Relaunch

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Hi everyone!

It has been a few months now that we have been back and I am so grateful for all of you who have ordered from us, have supported us by becoming a part of this journey, have emailed, commented and are following us on our social media pages! It truly means so much and I am beyond excited for what the future holds!
Since we relaunched there have naturally been areas where I can see improvements in our product line/sales, marketing and product development from years before but of course where improvements need to be made. I have worked tirelessly to keep improving our social media presence, remaining active and showing you all the lifestyle behind Stuffum which has truly helped us grow. Not only do you all see our products but I have really tried to be open, authentic and transparent through our process. From behind the scenes look into my life as the Owner and Creator, to our order fulfillment in our facility.
As we grow I want you all to feel like you are a part of this company because it is in fact because of all of our customers, new and returning that I am still sitting here, remembering back on the early Stuffum days. 
Years ago when Stuffum was still in inception (back in 2014), before I moved into a commercial kitchen and was shipping orders around the country and outside of the country, I knew I wanted Stuffum to be more than just healthy snacks but a lifestyle choice.
I wanted to truly grow a company that continues to evolve and stay relevant to the outside world and can grow with each individual consumer. Making it a lifestyle brand that you all have been able to incorporate into your life and share with your friends and family: that is my goal. 
So months into this again, I can say that I am starting to see that growth and evolution into my dreams and I am so grateful. I am also very humbled because I know my faith in God and support for my family and all of you guys is what keeps me going, working hard every day and truly enjoy what I do. Going home smelling like cookies is never a bad day and I am truly blessed to say that this is my reality and you all are to thank for that.
We have more coming, from product launches to flavor extension of certain goods so if you read this, always feel free to comment or send some love! I love you guys and hope that you are working hard on your goals and keep fighting for them. What ever your goals are, keep working hard and do what you love, though there are dark days, those are meant to strengthen you so when the good days come, you remain grateful and keep working to keep those blessings!


All my love, 

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