An end to 2020...

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Ending 2020…
Wow, what a year we have had. 2020 will go down in history (not just ours, but the world’s) as one of the most trying, difficult and toughest years. As a brand owner, it was hard for me to gauge how this would all turn out, if we would be able to survive the pandemic, ride the wave of uncertainty and hopefully remain open. I really did not know what to expect or what to do, if we are all friends here and can be honest-If someone is out there telling you that they had it all figured out and did not have a worry in the world or weren't scared of failing-they either live in their own little universe or they really just don’t want to share their truth. This year was hard, like almost “give up, throw it all away, call it quits, throw in the towel etc.” that it really almost became a reality. It doesn’t matter how the world may see you but it is important to remain realistic yet still hopeful for the future.
This year, during a pandemic we grew as a company and I am still astonished, so grateful and humbled. It is not only because of the amazing customers we have already, but because people gave us a chance and let our products and brand into their lives on a daily basis. Through prayer and faith-I know God has seen me through this and has continued to give me the type of wisdom and strength that sustains-even through the toughest days and months.
This year we launched 2 new product lines (Protein Donuts, Protein Cookie Sandwiches and our Soft & Chewy line which currently only has a Limited Edition flavor), we have another baked treat line under our company umbrella-Your Cheat Day Baked Goods, we have had 6 huge launches this year, have grown our staff and overall have tripled in size.
I want to thank you all who have continued to be here. Your support allows us to grow, expand and look to a bigger and better future. We have many plans for 2021, some we will be sharing soon as we are always looking for ways to improve and offer products you all will love and make a part of your life.
We know that this year was nothing like we planned, but it sure did make me even more grateful to be here and have what I have. You all are incredible and I appreciate you.  
I hope you all end this year strong and with so much hope and faith for 2021. I wish and pray for you all to have a Happy New Year. We will be back in regular production by 1/11 as we work through high volume orders and shipping delays. 

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  • Me gustaría saber si hacer orden a Estados Unidos

    Margarita Rivera on
  • Are these wheat and MSG free as well?! I see certified gluten free but sometimes that doesn’t seem to mean it’s safe from cross contamination or absent of these two ingredients….. I’m in my first year of celiac disease and super sensitive!

    Leanne on

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