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Hello my Stuffum family! I am so happy to say that we have been growing and growing and we are busy as ever! We have been working on launching an official Ambassador Program and will be looking to sign new athletes this summer!

Over the past few months we have not only had a huge increase in orders but we have added monthly Limited Edition flavors of our Protein Cookie Dough, updated our labels, hired more employees and are moving to speed up processing and shipping times! This is all thanks to the amazing support of my team, our Sponsored Athletes and our Brand Ambassadors who have played a huge role in helping to spread the word about Stuffum. We of course cannot thank you all enough for your support and love of our product as we have moved into offering Baking/Waffle Dry Mixes (more to come!) and have other projects in the works over the summer.

We have our products in our first store location in Naples, Florida and are looking to venture out into other retail locations.

Thank you all for giving me a chance, I started this company with a vision, to offer healthier, tastier and unique protein snacks that are not like any other company out there. Our No-Bake Protein Cookie Dough is one of a kind and has been in production for over a year and a half after a lot of research, development and just plain experiments with ingredients and finding what works. I am glad to say, so far it has been a success.

Our Protein Baked Goods are made fresh, without preservatives or additives, just plain, simple ingredients and sell just as much as our PCD does, its unbelievable, I never knew that would happen. I made our first Protein Brownie out of the want to make a dense, fudgy brownie with the added benefits of protein because I love chocolate and now we sell them in bulk...its just amazing.

I have chosen to not be like other companies, and in that I mean, I have chosen to grow Stuffum privately and on my own. I have had many people tell me to go on a certain TV show (I am pretty sure you all know which one I am talking about) and I am always flattered to hear that but the truth is, Stuffum has grown so much that I want to have the ability to control it still, to an extent so that I can put it in a place where I have more flexibility to offer it the way I feel is best for Stuffum. We are not a nut-butter company or just a protein bakery...we are different, unique and that's the way I want it to be.

From the very first Protein Cookie Dough bite (yes they were bite-sized, wrapped and sold as such-learning experience lol) to each hand filled jar, labeled and wrapped item, I am there every day to do my best to make sure that everything is perfect for you all. We are not perfect and we all grow and improve everyday and it is because of that, that I have chosen to grow Stuffum the way I have...so we can be unique and give the best experience and customer service that we can.

I have thought long and hard about the direction I want Stuffum to go and after a lot of thought and experimenting with concepts etc., I realized that I do not want to be like anyone else or like any other company and I do hope that you all can see that. We are not massively produced (as in a huge production facility) but we are completely passionate and in love with what we do. We make all of our products fresh and in bulk every week and are working to improve our processing time as we are building systems to process hundreds and hundreds of orders every month with thousands of products being made.

So thank you all for your support and patience as we go through some growing-pains (I smile as I type this lol...actual growing pains), I answer every one of your emails as fast as I can and want you to know I personally take an interest in all the feedback, comments, emails and posts you have made. MY goal is to always do that so you will never lose the personal touch we give because my dream to live in a Protein Cookie Dough world has been alive and thriving because of you...once a crazy idea to most, is a reality to me...so thank you all for being a part of my family.


All my best,


(Owner & Creator)


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  • Where did yall move your new facility to? Any chance we can pick up our orders ?

    Aimee K Kathleen on

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