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These are the perfect breakfast for when I need something to hold me for a while. They are delicious and keep me full for hours. There are no other protein cookies that can do that for me. I love that the ingredients are simple and healthy.

(Fudge Brownie Protein Cookies)


I live a very healthy lifestyle. It is important to me to have food that not only taste good but are good for me. These cookies fit the bill 100%. With 21g of protein and ZERO added sugars I am hooked! They are hearty, with an amazing texture and taste great. do yourself a favor and give them a try!

Sherry Kubanyi

I just got my vegan cookie dough truffles the other day and I love them!! So yummy and a great protein snack! I just bought the peanut butter ones to try and I can't wait! Highly recommend!

Amanda DeCandia

I love all of the spreads but these were on my radar as soon as I saw them. Oatmeal cookie is my favorite cookie and cinnamon rolls are my go-to treat. Once I tasted both the flavors I knew that I couldn't go back... I hope they stick around!

Nicci H.

I am a super picky eater, especially with a wedding around the corner. I count calories and macros among being a gym rat. These are amazing! They sit in my “lunch” box very well, all day because my days go long and I travel across the country. I always have some on me and really hit the spot and satisfy my sweet tooth. The customer service is beyond phenomenal also. As a “bridezilla” Ashley has been so accommodating, responsive, and all around amazing! I am a repeat customer to make sure I always have them in my fridge.



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